Open-source visual testing

Pixeleye is an open-source, self-hostable platform for visual regression testing. Deliver pixel perfect UIs with confidence, effortlessly catching visual bugs before they reach production.

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App screenshot
App screenshot

All in one platform

Pixel perfect UIs made easy

Pixeleye is stuffed with features and hosts multiple integrations across the entire development pipeline. It's a vital tool for delivering a consistent user experience.

Cross-browser testing.
Capture screenshots across multiple browsers and devices. Pixeleye allows you to increase your test converge over alternative solutions.
Responsive testing.
Capture screenshots across multiple browsers and devices. UI adapts to screen sizes, why shouldn't your tests?
We have an awesome cloud solution, but if you want to keep your data in-house, Pixeleye is self-hostable.
Role syncing.
You've already setup your roles in your vcs, why do it again? Pixeleye syncs your roles from your vcs.
UI reviews.
Pixeleye boasts a powerful diff reviewer, allowing you to easily spot visual regressions and approving valid changes.
Pixeleye is open-source, meaning you can contribute to the project and help shape the future of visual testing.

Seamless integration

Integrate with your existing workflow

We built Pixeleye from the ground up focusing on developer experience. Our goal is for Pixeleye to add huge value whilst being as unobtrusive as possible.

VCS integration.
Pixeleye integrates with your VCS, allowing you to sync your roles, see updates on PRs and much more.
CI integration.
We've built our tools to support your CI. Pixeleye integrates with your CI, allowing you to run tests on every PR.
Framework integration.
We have multiple options for taking our screenshots. We're confident we have an option that works for you.

Maximize your coverage.
Start for free or try our playground.

We offer a massive free tier as well as an option to self-host. Try our playground to see if Pixeleye is right for you.

Try our playground

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