Other CI/CD

We want to ensure that Pixeleye works with any CI/CD system. We use env-ci to get our variables for CI/CD systems. It isn't perfect and can cause issues. Please raise a github issue if you're ci/cd isn't working and we'll provide a solution

Manual variables

You can override the variables that are set by env-ci by setting them manually. This is useful if you're using a CI/CD system that isn't supported by env-ci.

  • PIXELEYE_BRANCH - The branch that the code is being built from. In the case of a pull request, this will be the target branch.
  • PIXELEYE_COMMIT - The commit hash of the code being built.
  • PIXELEYE_BASE_BRANCH - Just for pull requests, the branch that the pull request originated from.

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Last modified: 3/6/2024