Teams and Permissions

Pixeleye allows you to have unlimited teams and control what members can do via roles.

Personal teams

When you sign up to Pixeleye, you will automatically be assigned to a personal team. This team is designed to hold all of your personal projects. You can add projects from any version control provider and invite other members to collaborate with you.

Organization teams

When you add a supported vcs provider, we will automatically create an organization team for you. For example, adding org pixeleye-io from GitHub will create a team called pixeleye-io. This team will automatically sync all the collaborators from your vcs provider adding them to your Pixeleye team with the correct roles.


Team roles

Pixeleye teams has 4 roles:

  • Owner - The owner of the team. They can add and remove members, change the team name and delete the team.
  • Admin - Admins can add and remove members, change the team name and delete the team.
  • Accountant - Accountants can view and update the team's billing information. (cloud only)
  • Member - Members can view and edit projects.

Project roles

Pixeleye projects has 3 roles:

  • Admin - The owner of the project. They have full control over the project.
  • Reviewer - Reviewers can view and approve snapshots/builds. This should be used for developers who are responsible for code reviews.
  • Viewer - Viewers can view snapshots/builds. This should be used for stakeholders who need to view the project but not make any changes.

Note: The admin & owner team roles override any project roles. Anyone with such team access will be treaded as an admin for all projects within that team.