VCS integration

Pixeleye integrates into your VCS provider (e.g. github) enabling awesome features such as permission syncing or pull-request comments. Whilst we support any git projects, it's recommended to use one of our vcs integrations to get the most out of Pixeleye.

Supported providers

Currently we only support Github. If you want to use another provider, please let us know. In the meantime, you can still use Pixeleye by manually adding your projects.

Permission syncing

Pixeleye will automatically sync your collaborators from your vcs provider. This means you don't have to manually add, remove and manage collaborators from your projects/teams.

More info on teams and permissions.



Pixeleye will automatically comment on your pull-requests with a link to the build. This allows you to easily view the changes and approve the pull-request.


Pixeleye will automatically add a check to your pull-requests. This allows you to easily see if the build has passed or failed. You can use this to block pull-requests from being merged if the build has failed.

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Last modified: 3/6/2024